Group Memberships

Our most popular service offered at Iron Age is our Group Classes offered at various times through out the day to accommodate busy schedules…more info

Personal Training

Personal Training is one of the best ways to work closely with your CrossFit coach to meet your specific needs and build confidence in your movements…more info

 Iron Age 101

This is your first step…our fundamentals program. Ten personal training sessions focusing on gymnastics, weightlifting…more info


This class allows you to bring your child/children to your WOD. ..more info

IA Lite & Dirty 30

This is our version of Bootcamp eliminating technical aspect of CrossFit movements it allows you to get great workouts…more info

Iron Age CrossFit Kids

We are officially a CrossFit Kids affiliate! We have classes for all ages…more info


Consistency is key! Sick of going round and round let us help…more info


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