Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is core strength and conditioning that uses the prescription of “constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements.” This allows us to work on the ten components of fitness. Cardiovascular/Respiratory Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance, and Accuracy.

Q: What’s WOD?

Work Out Of Day.

Q: Do I have to take Iron Age fundamentals if I have taken it at another BOX?

No, unless you have been out of practice and struggle with the technique of the lifts, then Your coach my recommend it to refresh your skills.

Q: Can I do CrossFit if I have old injuries?

Yes, many individuals come to us to help them stay strong and work through old injury and weakness. We are not physiotherapists so please make sure you have discussed with you Doctor or Physiotherapist if you are ready to get back into exercises. We have found through our program and daily mobility clients are getting much stronger and notice old injuries less.

Q: Can I CrossFit while Pregnant?

Yes, If you have been CrossFitting before becoming pregnant. The rule of thumb for exercising while pregnant with ANY program is “What you did before your became pregnant you can continue”- With the OKAY and proper paperwork from your Dr. We understand that you want to provide the best environment for your baby, and we want to support that as long as its safe. We will not allow you to start CrossFitting if it is something you have not done, or you have taken time off of. Your safety is our TOP priority.

Q:What can I expect in the Daily WOD’s?

Every day is different! We work at keeping a variety of movements, weights, and intensity to ensure you are getting what CrossFit prescribes. Some days we focus on barbell movements and other on using our body weight to crush a WOD! It’s a program you must try a couple times to get the experience!

Q: What is the minimum age requirement to participate in classes?

To participate in our daily groups you must be a minimum of 18. We do offer teen/kids classes.

Q Why is CrossFit memberships so expensive?

When comparing the cost of CrossFit memberships to a regular membership gym yes our prices seem high, but its the quality of the product we sell that makes it worth it. We work with you from warm up to cool down to ensure you are getting the most out of each session. You are under the supervision and guidance to answer your questions and to program for the gym to make sure goals are being met. Members are constantly getting pushed further every day to accomplish their goals. We provide a supportive environment to expose your weakness and make it a strength, most importantly we are building a community and lifestyle that you can maintain if you are a parent, athlete, senior citizen we will guarantee its worth every penny.

Q: How will CrossFit make my life Easier?

Functional fitness is one of the important aspect of CrossFit that we focus on. Working on the ten components of fitness and working from core to extremities we teach you how to get benefits in your daily life. These benefits can include less back pain, stronger core, stronger heart, lower blood pressure, easier to walk to stairs, easier to run after your kids and grand kids, keeping you from moving into assisted living homes are some of the few examples. Not everyone will accomplish these due to underlying health issues but you get the idea! We want to keep you strong and healthy for the rest of your life! We want you to enjoy life and set a good example to your families about the importance of a good strength/conditioning program outside of competitive sports.

Q: Is CrossFit enough for Athletes?

At Iron Age we do believe athletes will make many gains from CrossFit programming but every athlete is different and may have injuries or limitations so we always recommend working with a coach in one of our athletic development programs to ensure we are touching on all areas for your specific sport and your area of weakness.

Q: Do I have to Compete?

No way! Competition is not for everyone! Many CrossFitters just enjoy the results and the community they see daily and have no intention of competing.

Q: How soon will I see results?

Your results are dependent on you. Exercise will make your muscles, heart and lungs strong. Nutrition will make you LOOK like you exercise… Make sense? Diet is the platform for your results. We do not make people diet or change their nutritional habits however if your goal is weight loss alone, exercise will not be your only answer, you will have to make sure your nutrition supports the results you would like to see in the mirror! Strength gains and feeling better depend on your frequency, someone who comes regularly will see results faster then
someone who only comes a few times a month.

Q: Will I look bulky?

It depends. Generally we say NO! However your definition of bulky and mine might differ. Will you look like a body builder… NO! Body builders look like body building from their training programs, nutritions and supplements. The shape of your body depends on your nutrition and the amount of training you do. Lifting heavy weights won’t make you bulky, it will make you strong.